Here is how to scan and log the WiFi networks in your location.

You will need an Android phone. Preferably running Android 8.x or older, or 10.x. If you phone is running Android 9, then the scanning is rate limited. You can still scan but it will take longer.

First download:

Open WIFi Tracker

Accept permissions. Make sure wifi is turned on, but don’t connect to a wifi.

Go to the List Tab

Walk around are leisurely pace, stopping once in a while. You should see the APs logged number increase the wifi network names. 

Select CSV file

Tap the three dots on top right to show menu. Select Email logs as CSV.

Select email app

The options on how to send will come up, pick your email app.


You should see the log of all the wifi networks you scanned attached as a file. Sent to



Android 10 instructions.

If you have Android 10, you can turn off the scan limit so you don’t have to walk very slowly. See instructions here:

If you have a phone running Android 9 then you are limited to 4 scans every 2 mins. This means if you know where your wifi routers/access points are. Stand near each one and wait 30 seconds.