A little connection can go a long way

AN inclusive Campus for All

What we are about

Klak gives students access to instant group chat channels for their residence hall and the whole university community. Ask questions, share feelings, make new friends, and build stronger ties with each other and the university.

Klak is simple, safe, and welcoming.

What We Do


— Makes residence halls feel like home

Klak enables all students of a residence hall to join a building wide group chat. Making it easier for students to discover who lives in the same building. Students who might be introverted background now can break the ice more easily and get to know their neighbors.


— Fosters campus wide collaboration

Klak has group chats for the whole campus enabling students in all housing situations to connect. Advice can be a quick msg away.


— Boost activity attendance

Klak provides simple reminders* of university activities and events for all students and reminders based on their housing location (*coming Summer 2021).


— Secure, no outside trolls

Klak is setup so only members of the university community can see campus and residence hall chat channels. It is not Twitter, no outside trolls can target students or faculty.


— Respectful

Klak is completely opt-in for students. It encourages fun, helpful, and enjoyable group chats. Any abusive content can be flagged and rare disruptive chatters can be deactivated from the platform.


— Lightweight for student & university

Klak is smaller than most major apps (FB messenger, Snap, etc) so all students can install it, no shiny $1k phone required. It only needs basic information from the university. It does not require any staff time to setup. There is nothing for the university to install.