A little connection can go a long way

a Campus chat for everyone

What we are about

Klak gives access to group chat channels for all students who come to campus. Just connect to cwu-wildcats,  and you will be in a chat channel with everyone on the same WIFI. That simple.

say hi to everyone on the wifi using Klak!


— No outside trolls

Klak is setup so only members of the university community can see campus chat channels meant for them. While Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram, are good, Klak is just for those on same WiFi. No outside trolls can target students.


— mini FAQ

1. How do you join the CWU channel?
Just connect to cwu-wildcats WiFi and you are in.

2. Do I have to stay on the WiFi?

No. Connect once and you can access without having to stay on that WiFi.

3. Will Klak crash?

Occasionally, we are a work in progress!

4. What if I need to give you feedback, complain, share a joke, etc?

Oh please do! email us at: hello (at) klak.app