A little connection can go a long way

Build community at your apt complex

Klak is a small simple app that enables communities to quickly form via shared WiFi. Privacy respected, trolls rejected, just the people you share a physical location with. 

Getting started with Klak is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Connect to Apartment Wifi


2. Open Klak, channel unlocked


3. Welcome to the community!

Klak chat channel screen

make your apartment complex a community


— A welcoming place for all

Klak has group chats for the whole apartment complex. Need a cup of sugar, a quick jump start for your car,  or even a baby sitter? Now residents can query their neighbors and feel more connected to your residential property. 


— Respectful

Klak is completely opt-in for residents. It encourages fun, helpful, and enjoyable group chats. Any abusive content can be flagged and rare disruptive chatters can be deactivated from the platform.


— Keep everyone informed

Klak provides simple reminders of apartment activities and news. Schedule automatic notices to run when you want (these features coming Winter 2021).


— No maintenance required

Klak is smaller than most major apps (FB messenger, etc) so all residents can easily install it on their phone.

It only needs basic information from the apartment complex. It does not require any management staff time to maintain. There is nothing for the property managers/owners to install.

Get in touch

Get Klak setup at your apartment complex in 15 mins or less. Just send us a quick email: hello@klak.app